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Welcome To Jens Carlsen, DO Board Certified Urologist

Jens C. Carlsen, D.O. Urology is a urologist located in Port Charlotte, Florida and provides advanced care of urological conditions. Dr. Carlsen uses state of the art techniques to care for our patients. We pride ourselves on communicating with and educating our patients about their urologic conditions and treatment options. Our practice is committed to selecting the best treatment for each individual.


We’re passionate about resolving urological problems, improving our patients’ quality of life and providing excellent customer service at our Port Charlotte,  Florida office. We are a patient-centered practice and value treating every individual as a whole and not just the issue they come see us for. Dr. Carlsen takes time to thoroughly explain your problem and review the options at length in order to involve you in the treatment plan. Beyond that, he is dedicated to adopting the most advanced therapeutic treatments available to help patients get back to a normal life. We look forward to welcoming you to our office and helping you live a better life.